The Dos and Don’ts For Kids’ Natural Hair Care

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Not caring for your child’s hair and scalp correctly could easily lead to long-term damage and it could be quite an expensive and lengthy process to reverse the harm caused.

“Taking special care of a child’s hair and scalp is vital as it is sensitive, fragile and hasn’t matured yet compared to that of an adult,” says Tebogo Jersky Lehutso, SMOOTH ‘N SHINE Technical Educator.

To avoid this, Lehutso has compiled a list of ‘Dos and Don’ts’ to ensure that you provide the best care for your child’s hair and scalp.


  1. Provide a nutritional and well-balanced diet to ensure healthy hair and scalp for your child.

  2. Leave hair unprocessed and natural (no use of relaxer for kids).

  3. Only create hairstyles that are suitable for the delicate hair and scalp of your child.

  4. Clean hair and scalp frequently with moisturising shampoos or refreshers (2 to 3 times a week).

  5. Follow the product recommendations for creating and maintaining kiddie’s suitable styles (see below).


  1. Do not use harsh chemicals to treat kids’ hair and scalp.

  2. Kids under the age of 15 should not have their hair relaxed.

  3. Children’s hair should not be excessively pulled and tugged through braids and plaits.

  4. DO NOT colour and bleach kids’ hair.

  5. Do not wash kids’ hair with soap or harsh cleansing shampoos.

Recommendations For Creating And Styling Suitable Styles For Kids

Relaxers can be harsh on kids’ hair and cause damage, such as alopecia, dandruff, and cirrhosis, and permanent hair loss. To achieve a manageable, well-groomed kiddie’s suitable style Lehutso recommends the following:

  • Natural/Afro:

Keep kids’ hair natural without using any harsh chemicals.

Maintenance: Wash the hair using a deep moisturising shampoo at least twice a week. Apply a detangling lotion to maintain softness and manageability for styling.

  • Twists:

Braided hair into twist braids using a hair food to mould hair into place.

Maintenance: Daily use of a reviving spray to keep twists moisturised whilst also maintain a nourished and healthy scalp.

  • Loose Braids with Natural Hair:

Use detanging lotion to create this hairstyle. Loosely plait natural hair into braids and tie with ribbons at the end to hold braid in place

Maintenance: Use a reviving spray to keep braids fresh and clean.


Lehuto says, “Products that contain natural oils such as Africa moringa oil, which naturally stimulates dry hair and scalp, and olive oil, which smoothens and moisturises the hair, are suitable for use on not only adults hair but kids as well.” Made in Africa, specifically for all types of African hair and all hairstyles, SMOOTH ‘N SHINE is uniquely developed to keep hair and scalps protected and nourished throughout the varying climates and changing seasons in South Africa, and Africa. For more information visit or join the conversation online by liking the SMOOTH ‘N SHINE Africa Facebook page.


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