The Gracious Lady That Is Olwethu Leshabane

With baby Malik at home, our cover mom Olwethu Leshabane talks to us about her pregnancy, and how she went about preparing for a vaginal birth after two cesareans.

One of the stranger symptoms of pregnancy is having vivid, weird dreams, especially shortly before you give birth. On page 18, we look at why they happen and what you can do about them. What happens when pushing is not enough? Page 28 covers assisted vaginal delivery and how knowing your options can empower you to be an active part of your baby’s delivery. Shaking a baby can cause death or lasting disability, page 36 has more on Shaken Baby Syndrome. On the fashion side, our inhouse fashion and beauty assistant, Palesa Sethlapelo shares with us how you can take all the attention away from your bump by dressing up the right way.

To our beautiful mothers, the Kwenta Media team would like to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day! May it be blessed, and make sure you have a copy of Mamas & Papas magazine next to you as you enjoy your breakfast in bed.

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