The Highest Bar Of All, Happiness

If looking at the parenting section of a bookstore has left you overwhelmed, then this talk is for you.

With so many books in stores, is there one that tells you how to raise a happy child? Probably, there’s also one or two or three that will tell you how to raise an eco-friendly kid, a disease-free kid, a bilingual kid, a financially savvy kid… the list is endless. These books are great, but they also stir feelings of anxiety and pressure in a parent when something goes wrong.

Why is it that raising our children is associated with so much anguish and so much confusion?” Could it be because the goal of modern, middle-class parents is to raise happy children? An elusive goal many would say. She says, “Happiness and self-confidence can be by-products of other things, but they can’t be goals unto themselves. A child’s happiness is a very unfair burden to place on a parent.  Jennifer Senior

In this talk, Senior offers kinder and more achievable aims, saying, “Rather focus on making productive kids and moral kids and simply hope that happiness will come to them by virtue of the good that they do, and their accomplishments and the love that they feel from us.”

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