The Importance Of Music In Baby Development

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Even while in the womb a baby reacts to music, which is why it’s so important for parents to play music to their baby and for them to engage their baby actively with music, especially during a baby’s first year. 

Something that is not often talked about is how important music is for a baby’s development. Erika Woodman, Creative Director of GoBabyClub points out why music is important in baby development and gives parents some great tips and how-to advice.

Why Music?

A baby’s brain develops most during the first year and therefore their capacity for language is fast developing at this time. Research shows that music can improve a baby’s ability to understand speech, which is the foundation for reading and writing skills. According to the Mayo Clinic, we relax when we listen to music and it also reduces feelings of pain. Music such as lullabies, even helps prepare us for sleep. The legato movement of lullabies helps a baby to achieve a soothing emotional state, whilst music that is more upbeat in rhythm activates a baby’s movements, visual focus and attention.

Music Also Has A Positive Influence On These Areas Of Baby Development

  1. Improved performance in mathematics, sciences and languages.

  2. Higher IQ levels.

  3. Stronger emotional awareness.

  4. Positive self-esteem.

  5. Better memory.

  6. Improved motor skills.

Parents can incorporate music into their baby’s development using musical instruments and by simply doing developmental activities to songs and chants.

7 Easy Ways To Introduce Music To Your Baby In Their First Year

  1. Try to introduce all rhythms and timings such as 4/4, 3/4 and 6/8 and both Major and Minor keys.

  2. Sing and listen to pop songs, folk songs, songs from other cultures, songs with a fast beat and songs with a slow beat. Make up your own songs.

  3. Sing in a high voice, in a low voice or a silly voice. Let Dad sing!

  4. Sing what you are doing, making it up as you go along!

  5. Clap to the rhythm of the music to which you are listening. Hold baby’s hands and clap the rhythm.

  6. Tap the rhythm with baby’s feet or with a wooden spoon on a pot.

  7. Dance with baby every day to all different types of music and beats.

GoBabyClub App has produced its own unique playlist of songs and rhymes that go hand in hand with the baby development activities found on the App. It enhances the numerous benefits that speech and music contribute to development.

The Musical Activities In The GoBabyClub App:

  1. Develop attention patterns and listening skills.

  2. Develop a baby’s muscle control and balance by synchronising the baby’s movements to the rhythm of the music and rhymes

  3. Use simple musical instruments to teach a baby rhythm, beat and timing.

  4. Forge strong emotional connections between a parent and their baby

  5. Naturally activate a baby’s motor responses.

  6. Develop a baby’s spatial orientation when a baby listens to a song or a rhyme, against the background of other sounds.

This interactive mobile app has 240 fun development activities for parents and caregivers with babies

aged 3 to 12 months. It has been designed as a fun tool to stimulate your baby step by step through

early motor, emotional and cognitive development while educating parents and caregivers to be more

aware of what to expect and when. To download the app,

App Store: R84.99 per month

Play Store: R79.99 per month

Musical activities should be part and parcel of your baby’s daily care. Babies love music just as much as

You do. Use it to bond even more with your little one.

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