The Power Of Bonding With Your Baby

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Many moms are lucky enough to form an instantaneous bond with their baby when they are born. For some moms, it may take a while. They may need to ‘learn’ to develop and perfect the much-needed bond between parent and child.

It’s important that a mom is not too hard on herself if she doesn’t feel the bond is there when her baby is born. This is especially vital for first-time moms who are taking on a new role and responsibility as a parent. It’s important to give yourself time to get to know your baby and yourself in your new role. What worked for your mom will not necessarily work for you. Trust your motherly instincts. Sister Lilian is a parenting and Pampers® Institute expert. She gives all moms tips on how to bond with their babies.

Sister Lilian’s Tips To Bond With Baby:

  • Pay attention to your baby

When you pay attention to your child, you’ll learn their communication skills. You can tell through their cries and other body language cues what’s bothering them i.e. their squirms and cries for nappy change, hunger etc.

  • Play

Play, sing and talk to your baby. Babies are more perceptive than we realise and grow hearing their mom’s voice. That familiar voice after birth provides them with a sense of protection and familiarity.

  • Create a flexible routine for you and baby

Find a routine that suits you and your baby as individuals, so they look forward to enjoying those

moments with you. For example, choose bath time to cultivate the bond with your baby. If you

are a working mom, use this opportunity to spend time with your baby.

  • Skin-to-skin contact

Babies feel secure when they have skin to skin contact with their moms. They respond to the warmth of your touch.

Scientific research shows that better baby sleep is associated with positive daytime behaviour, mood and temperament. Some of these moments take place when babies bond with their moms.


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