Things To Do Before You Turn 30

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Is 30 approaching way too fast for you? Calm down, you’re not the only one who’s still trying to figure things out. Allow us to help. See our list of goals that you should try to aim for while still in your 20s, they will make your life significantly richer!

Turning 30 is a huge milestone, and back in the day it was a social norm for women to get married at an early age, but today with the emphasis on education and the availability of resources more women are excelling in their careers. Some women even prefer to find their ‘Mr. Perfect’ after 30, so before you say the big ‘I Do’ we have a list of things that you should aim to achieve.

1. Have A Direction In Life

You don’t have to have everything in a straight line but at least have some sort of direction. It’s good to know where you’re headed career wise and when it comes to your personal life. Take some time and think about it, don’t limit yourself; you’re free to dream big!

2. Road Trips With Your Girls

Haven’t you ever thought of hitting the road with your buddies without any restrictions and rules? If you have kids already, it can be a bit tricky, but someone at home won’t mind babysitting. Pack your bags, bring out your sunglasses, fill up the tank and go on an adventure of a lifetime! The sense of independence you’ll experience will be liberating!

3. Practice Some Self Love

It’s time you overcame your body hatred. Sometimes you’re your own worst critic, love your body and know that we’re all built differently, and uniquely beautiful, appreciate that!

4. Face Your Fears

Unless you’re like me and your worst fear is coming face to face with a snake, I allow you to skip this one. If it’s something like skydiving, travelling alone or confrontation or public speaking, dig deep, find your fear, face it and than strike it off your list before setting off to the next stage of your life!

5. Forgive And Forget

Holding a grudge is draining, and it will always proliferate negative feelings. You’re about to turn 30, the age of immaturity passed you a long time ago. Learn to forgive and forget and make peace with the past.

6. Life Is What You Make Of It

Everyone goes through life with some difficulties, and everyone has their own inner scars, but at the end of the day, life is what you make of it. There are so many beautiful things to celebrate and focus on in your life, overcome the challenges and obstacles life throws at you.

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