Tips To Help Your Friend With A Newborn Baby

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Having a newborn baby is exhausting, that’s why we’ve come up with ways you can help out your postpartum friend. She’ll really appreciate it.

They may not admit it out loud, but many newborn mothers need help, desperately. Either than having to take care of a new baby, they still need to run a household, and those with more than one kid need even more energy to keep the other children entertained and well taken care of. So if you’re wondering how you can help your friend out before she crashes under all the pressure, we have a few tips to steer you in the right direction.

Surprise Her With A Grocery Delivery

Unexpected grocery loads are helpful. One, she’s still recovering from giving birth, and she’s probably exhausted from staying up all night trying to calm down her crying baby. Think fresh fruits, snacks for the older kids, ready-made salads, nutrition bars, you can even go as far as getting frozen-pizza and other microwavable foods.

Be The Non-Judgemental Presence In Her Life

She’s already getting enough judgement from her family, other moms and herself, you don’t need to add on to the list. If you’ve been there and done that, be the Zen master and help her out where you can.

Take Out The Older Kids

As much as she’s trying to give all her other kids attention, it’s not an easy task. There will be times when she won’t be able to walk to the park because the little one needs more attention. Come through and take the older ones out for a fun filled morning or afternoon. She will love you dearly for it.

Offer To Clean Her House Or Hire A Cleaning Service

You’re already paying her a visit every other day, so out of habit you’ll find yourself picking up a few toys left by the older kids, or washing dishes from earlier this morning or last night. It’ll probably get to a point where you end up cleaning the whole house while you’re there. She might feel funny about it at first, but when she realises that you’ve removed another chore from her to-do list, she’ll appreciate it.

Hold The Baby And Let Her Take A Nap

Take the phone and let the conversation go like this, “Hey lady, I’m coming over to take care of the kids while you take a long nap.” Simple and straight to the point, to a postpartum mom, this little freedom will be the most luxurious feeling ever.

Wash Your Hands

A new mom is very cautious about the hygiene of those around her baby. Before touching the baby, reach for a hand sanitizer first or just scrub your hands with soapy water.

Come Through With Encouraging Words

If she tells about how she sucks at everything baby related, tell her what a good job she’s doing, how beautiful her baby is, tell her she looks amazing and tell her of your fail stories when you started out. If you see that she’s really struggling, let her know that this too shall pass and happy times are coming.

Don’t make the mistake of asking your friend if she needs help because chances are she’ll say, “No, everything is fine”. She might not even have the courage to ask anyone for help, so pop in when you can and see where you can help. Just don’t overstay your welcome.

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