Travelling With A Baby

Updated: Apr 10

If you’re planning on going away for the holidays to see everyone, how do you ensure that your new baby is comfortable througout the trip?

With holidays around the corner, it’s time to plan exactly how you are going to travel with the new the new addition to your family – a baby. Huggies® has some advice for parents to ensure that your trip is exciting and hassle-free.

Be A Happy Traveller During The Holidays

What to pack:

  1. Planning ahead of time allows you to be prepared for most situations.

  2. Take a blanket that’s right for the expected weather on the day.

  3. One of the wonderful benefits of breastfeeding is that your milk is always readily available. If bottle-feeding, make sure you have a number of sterilised bottles to make up a feed while you are out.

  4. In your bag you will need nappies, wipes, breast pads if you are breastfeeding, a changing mat, hand sanitiser and disposable bags for dirty nappies. If your baby still has the umbilical cord, then don’t forget your cleaning regime. It’s also a good idea to have an extra set of clothes for you and your baby, a pacifier or a comfort item, which can make a difference to both of your travelling experiences.

By Car:

  1. If you are travelling in a car, don’t forget your car seat.

  2. Taking your pram with you may help if you would like to walk around with your newborn during stops.

  3. It is also good to have a first aid kit in your car with basic items such as plasters, cotton wool and tweezers.

  4. Bring along a favourite rattle and and soft toys to keep your baby busy whilst on the road.

  5. Add an assortment of hats and sunscreen to protect your baby from the harsh sun rays.

  6. If your baby is in a routine, try and map your travelling time accordingly. It is also suggested that you travel along main routes, where you know there will be plenty of restrooms and restaurants along the way in case of an unforeseen nappy change or feed.

  7. It’s easier if you or your partner sit in the back with baby to be able to assist baby at all times.

By Air:

  1. It’s advisable to feed your baby just before the plane takes off. You will not only be feeding baby, but you will also alleviate the pressure on your baby’s ears. Alternatively, give your baby a clean fingertip/pacifier to suck on.

  2. A baby carrier or sling to walk baby up and down the aisle is also recommended for when your baby starts getting restless.

  3. Have some soft toys and dangling toys with which to entertain them.

Happy travels!


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