What To Do If Your Child Goes Missing?

The statistics are shocking – a child goes missing every five hours and the SAPS received a total of 1 697 cases in 2013 alone! 

With the holiday season soon approaching and crowds increasing in various public places there is sadly an increase in the number of children that are reported missing. This is every parent’s worst nightmare and Cartrack recently pledged its support to Missing SA to assist the organisation increase its capacity to help find lost children.

1. When to report your child missing?

“There is no waiting period to report a child – you don’t need to wait 24 hours in order to report a missing child. The sooner you report that the child is missing, the better,” says Cartrack’s Marketing and Communication Manager, Jacqui Marsh.

2. Where to file a report?

“To report a missing child you need to go to your nearest South African Police Station and complete a SAPS 55 form,” Marsh explains. “This is a very traumatic time so we also suggest going with another individual who may be able to assist you with the completion of the form, as well as perhaps driving you there and assisting you to follow procedures in order to assist with locating your child.”

3. What information will I need to provide?

Other than the child’s particulars (physical description and identity), parents need to report what the child was last wearing, bring a recent photo of the child and state where the child was last seen.

“We are encouraging the public to get involved with the campaign to help reunite missing children with their families, by following Cartrack on Facebook and sharing the missing posts,” concludes Jacqui.

For more information on how to assist Missing SA, visit http://www.missingchildren.org.za


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